What is a subscription landing page, exactly?

Your subscription landing page is centered solely around your recurring products or services. And though these pages are often used to generate leads, they’re also a valuable tool for setting customer expectations.

This is where you’ll clearly and succinctly explain how your subscriptions work, highlight their unique value, and dispel any misconceptions around subscriptions. Your goal? To not only attract new subscribers to your business, but also to attract loyal customers that will increase lifetime value for your brand. And your method? Showcasing exactly what separates your subscription offerings from your one-time products, as well as what sets them apart from your competitors’ offerings.

Highlight your value proposition.

You can—and should—weave the “why” behind your subscriptions into your landing page in a variety of ways. Many successful brands start with a succinct, snappy, action-driven header that demonstrates the value of their subscriptions. From there, they’ll often include a short paragraph explaining exactly what customers get when they sign up for recurring orders, as well as any key benefits.

In as little space as possible, build in language—like “delivered straight to your door”—that makes the benefits of your offering as clear as possible in your long-form landing page. By explaining this succinctly, you’ll demonstrate the incredible convenience that your subscriptions can bring.


Outline the timeline & benefits.

Because a subscription is a long-term agreement with your customers, it’s essential to be clear and upfront about the timeline and benefits of your offering on your landing page. And, because every subscription offering is different, this is important not only for potential customers who are unfamiliar with subscriptions in general, but also for any customer looking to sign up for your recurring products and services.

In both your copy and your design, find ways to communicate this valuable information so your customers fully understand what they’re signing up for. This includes your headers, any designed icons, and short descriptions. This form of expectation-setting helps ensure that the right people sign up for your service—ones that will stay with your brand over time.

Give “Social Proof”.

When people are uncertain about making a decision, they often look to their peers for guidance. That’s the logic behind social proof: By including testimonials or positive reviews on your landing page, you can help instill trust in your target audience.

Whether it’s in short reviews, video testimonials, an average star rating for a product, or something else, some form of social proof can be helpful to include on your subscription landing page. Brands whose products are more complex or unique may especially benefit from this, as customers are likely to be less familiar with those products.

The bottom line: High-converting subscription pages center the customer experience. No matter your vertical or the types of subscriptions you offer, your subscription landing page should center your customers. By making your page clear, succinct, engaging, and scannable, you can give your audience a clear view of the value of your subscriptions.