A Funky designer + marketing guru for brands to scale fearlessly!

A Fractional CMO for unique brands to scale fearlessly!

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Fractional CMO services access high-level marketing leadership without the hefty price tag. In the heart of Wausau, WI or anywhere in the U.S., businesses are thriving, and I’m here to ensure yours stands out. Jacquelyn Tolksdorf specializes in marketing and design solutions crafted for your target market(s). Whether you’re a B2B startup, B2C brand, or small business; The Unglitch tailors strategies to position you as a leader in your industry. From digital marketing to traditional tactics, she’s got the expertise to amplify your brand presence.

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Every industry is crowded right now! Stand out! Be raw!

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Get a Magical guru, but not an employee.

The Ungitch is a Fractional agency. Not a freelance agency or employee for hire. I don’t price hourly, but on the value. With 16 years in this industry I’ve become aware that CEOs need help growing their companies but don’t always have the time or money to hire a full-time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), graphic designer, web developer, publicist, SEO manager, and more. My value is using this experience to help you accelerate growth in a timeline that sets you up for success.

It starts with Anthropology

What the heck is that? Corporate anthropology is like sending Indiana Jones to excavate the mysteries of your target market and uncovering the ancient artifacts of your enemies…sorry…competitors. 

Because of this approach, this is not an à la carte menu of services. I do what’s best to grow your brand. If you want someone to solely see your ideas and your ideas only through, hire a young, cheap freelancer. I’ll even bring you to them. Here’s the door.