#1. The Futur

I cannot express how much The Futur has changed my life and how I run my business. If you are a graphic designer or web developer you HAVE to start watching them on YouTube now! CEO, Chris Do goes over fantastic tips on pricing, sales, getting leads, and everything you didn’t learn in college or design school. All the things that creatives hate doing in their business he gives course info out for free that honestly would cost you $1000s of elsewhere!

#2. Charisma on Command

Now I don’t care what industry you are in; everyone needs to watch a least a few videos from Charisma on Command. No matter who you are or how much you’ve achieved, everyone can benefit from taking their charisma to the next level. I’ve loved it through the years as it helps this introvert with sales and pitches…my least favorite thing about my creative business. They have popular videos such as How to Be Charming Without Trying and How To Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A Jerk. Check them out!

#3. Justina Blakeney

I find Justina Blakeney so inspiring. She is the founder and creative director of the home décor brand, Jungalow®, and the author of The New Bohemians book series. Her creativity, confidence, and joy are contagious. Not to mention I would love a house full of her decor and her art as wallpaper!

#4. Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is an Australian/Polish photographer living in Iceland — best-selling author, YouTuber, and recently an ethical investor. Her course: Advanced Selfie University is crucial if you are trying to organically market yourself with beautiful photos but don’t want to hire dozens of sessions from a pro photographer. She has traveled to so many places as a digital nomad and her success story is very inspiring. Sorelle’s personal YouTube channel is great, but for all those reading I would highly suggest her new Sorelle Amore Finance channel. She goes over some great finance tips for solopreneurs like off-shoring, saving smarter, and many more things that are fascinating.

#5. Jona Jinton

Another Swedish digital creator with the same vibe a Sorelle Amore is Jona Jinton. Jona is a photographer and singer and her videos are downright meditation sessions as she highlights her minimalist lifestyle in Sweeden and photography tips with stunning footage and relaxing music.

#6. Baumgartner Restoration

Now this one is purely a personal preference for entertainment and relaxation. Baumgartner Restoration is a YouTube channel that showcases the painting restoration process. In high school, I couldn’t decide whether to be a graphic designer or art curator. At the time I went with the most lucrative career path as art curator positions were few and far between. The museum snob in me still longs to work for The Smithsonian or The Metropolitan Museum of Art, however. His content is purely a relaxation enjoyment for me!

#7. Christine McConnell

If you’re a horror-nut like me who also likes to DIY as many crafts and projects as possible you’ll enjoy Christine McConnell either on Patreon or YouTube. She’s a baker, crafter, artist, actress, and creator that you may have caught on Netflix’s The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. I love her vintage lifestyle. She’s like your grandmother who loves all things 1950’s and haunted houses!

#8. Bailey Sarian

Another content creator that is specific to those who love true crime and makeup is Bailey Sarian! In just 1 year she sky-rocketed as the top YouTube creator of 2021. Her Murder Mystery and Makeup series is a hit and she recently released a new show called Dark History that chronicles that dark true crime history that we never learned in school.

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