Why GOOD logo design doesn’t cost $99

Most designers are pretty awesome at what they do. But not every designer can just whip up a successful logo. A great logo takes time, skill, and strategy. This highly specialized skill shouldn’t be taken lightly, or cheaply. This is why I want to tell you why a high-quality logo design project doesn’t cost $99. Nor should it ever.

We’ve all seen the price disparity between a logo design costing $99 on Fiverr or over $10,000 from a professional agency. How do we choose the right price when there is such a cost choice variation? Surely, a simple $99 logo will do, right? WRONG.

Now, I am not saying you need to spend your life savings on a logo. What I want to emphasize in this post is why paying bottom-dollar will do you and your business absolutely no good and actually end up costing you way more down the line when you realize your logo is not professional or fitting to what you wanted to represent your brand. In the end, you’ll spend more money re-doing your logo over and over again.

The Importance.

Logos are so important for your business. I can’t emphasize this fact enough. A logo emulates your company’s reputation. It is often seen as the face of a company.

Look at your logo as a business tool – you wouldn’t skimp on a tool that was vital for the success of your business, right? Apply this logic to your logo design. A logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make and it should be Step 2 after a solid business plan.


Think about what aspirations you have for your business. Visualized? Ok, now. These same visualizations will be communicated through your logo design – when your logo is made by a professional logo designer. The designer that will emulate your vision through a logo won’t be cheap.

By choosing the cheap $99 option, you may be saving money on your logo now, but this could mean that you are spending more money on a logo down the road. The logo you should have invested in in the first place. Now, I don’t believe “the more you invest, the more you get out”, is always a true statement. But it IS true for logo design. So now let’s talk about what kind of prices we are looking at for quality logo designs.

The real prices of logo designs.

Logos are NOT just a five-minute design created on a whim. Only cheap logos are quick and easy. If you’ve ever been shocked by logos reaching the triple (or even quadruple) digits, then I should tell you now – quality costs.

There is a process to logo design, and it is important. Designers need to take into account a client’s values, business goals, and brand message. Once we enter the designing phase, several logo variations are made, revisions are implemented and completed by refining the logo to perfection.


If the design process is done correctly, using all elements all involved, a great logo designed by a professional can take anywhere from 30-50+ hours to complete. This entire process is relevant for factoring in the price professional logo designers will (and should) cost.

There will be a noticeable disparity between professional freelance designers and design agencies. You should also expect regional price variations to factor into your overall design costs as well as how many years of experience that the designer has.


I hope this helps you in understanding why high-quality logo design should never cost you $99. Invest in your business wisely! Your investment will set you apart and be complementary to your success.

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