What’s stopping you from having a professional website?

Ok, you may already have a website and think it’s pretty nifty. But there are some things to consider before you decide if it’s time to upgrade to a website that works better for your business.

#1. There is an Undeniable Shift in the World

A crazy change has happened over the decades. I was lucky enough (or not lucky enough) to see the last big change in marketing. Unfortunately, since trends of marketing your brand have pivoted so rapidly recently — many businesses have not adopted the change and are failing.

I just read that 52% of Fortune 500 businesses have closed since the rapid shift in the 2000’s and now.

The brands that are embracing the new era is flourishing!

In the 70’s (the height of marketing) was just like how you would expect it to be if you’ve seen shows like Mad Men. “Ad-Men” were a thing. Cheesy advertising was a thing. Customers flocked to stores with even the simplest of marketing: Buy this product and you’ll be who you want to be. In the 1990’s services got the same treatment. Get this service and be a better version of yourself. This led to ditching marketing products and services altogether and asking what customers need today in the 2000’s.

So what’s the big difference today?

Now, brands have to ditch all of that. We as a society don’t want products or services anymore. We want relationships. I have a theory about how technology is causing the hunger for human contact, but let’s not get down that rabbit hole today.

You can see this is what you do on a daily basis. What are the videos you like to watch on YouTube? What shows do you watch? What podcasts to you listen to? I guarantee you whatever your interests are all of these are an insight into people just hanging out (reality tv shows, comedians bullshitting with each other, experts hanging out talking shop, etc).

When you follow someone on Facebook (be it a brand or personality) you want to see them. You want to know what their life is like and how they can make yours better or easier.

Because my career grew up in an era where ad agencies were still using tactics to reach clients and customers on how they can help you, I really struggled with social media focused, vlogging, “show them yourself” style we have now. To be honest I still struggle. I hate going live. Can’t I just Skype my client for them to see me? I don’t want to show you pictures of me or my life to grow my business. But without a doubt, if I don’t do more of that — I will fail… And so will you.

Your website is no different. It’s apart of what markets you and it’s the last step usually before someone decides to “buy”. Is your content not unique? Is your design un-inspired or cookie-cutter? Yes? Well…then your brand will come off as out-of-date and not worthy.

#2. Who are the Losers of this Marketing Change?

This is a scary time to watch as a B2B business. There is a “mass extinction” of businesses lately. Billion-dollar companies are dying who are not hiring a good team to market their story. They possibly don’t want to tell their story even as it’s probably about just making money.

Small businesses, the mom-and-pops of our local communities are failing. For the same reasons! They might have a great story to tell, but don’t have the time to tell it or just don’t see the value in even technologies that were popular 20 years ago. Hiring someone to do this for them seems too expensive and not worth the risk. I hear this often where I live (small community towns that are very focused on the history of their area — not the future). Every time I meet someone and we eventually chat about their business I hear them negatively talk about a website, a re-branding, marketing, creating a social media presence, SEO, etc… I watch a year later as they shut their door after decades in business. This is by far the worst part of my job. Watching someone fail.

#3. Who’s “Winning”?

Do you know who is rapidly doing better in the industry? Startups! In the 1990’s to 2000’s.

Now if you are over 40, please don’t hate me for this. The main reason startups are doing so well and getting over the first-year-hell hump is because the majority of those who launch a brand, are…(get ready for a swear word) Millenials…dun dun dun!

This is because they have already either grown-up or became adults in the era where the change has happened and to them, it’s a no-brainer to have a great website, be active on social media, and build a relationship with more people. They are also now the main customer base of any brand.

That being said I can’t not mention why this is such a surprise: Millenial startup success. I mentioned the first-year-hell hump. Anyone who has owned a business knows all to well that Year One is something out of a horror movie. It’s an uphill battle with you pulling the wagon by your teeth. The downside of both Millenial startups is that we now live in an era that doesn’t want to work a 9-5 job for the next 40 years. Some of us want to own the business to be our own boss or because (brace yourself) some of us just don’t want to work. See a problem with that last one. Working for yourself is harder, more stressful, but when you hustle — so worth it!

So sometimes it shocking that some of those darn Millenials seem to have a bead on the branding and marketing to-do’s. The truth is, the ones that do are focused on success. If you’ve owned a business for a few decades the picture of success might have changed. Are you still learning about ways to succeed?

Another thing.

#4. Let’s Talk About DIY’ers

Whether you’re a Millenial or not, you can still find the value in an online presence as we chatted about above. But of course, we all have different budgets. With drag-and-drop builders like Wix and Weebly it’s an easy step to try to tackle your website on your own. You pick a template, you add your logo, your services or products and boom! A website! For just the cost of hosting!

Great! Right? Hmm…

Let’s compare! Take a look at a Wix site:


This is the suggested template you see when you type in “florist” in the template search. It works, but… It’s a cookie-cutter look. Un-inspiring. This does not prompt the DIY’er to add a personal touch.

Let’s peak at another way to do a website:

More personal right? Unique! This website was not DIY’ed by the owner. They hired a professional agency, freelancer, or professional to create this design, develop the code, and add SEO so that they can be found online in their local community!

But of course, it’s very appealing to do-it-yourself. Little cost. No help to your brand though…

#5. The Pitch…

You’ve read blog articles before. Ya know what’s coming. I’m a Web Developer after all!

But a pitch? Barf.

Where’s the promised land of marketing and your online presence?

It’s when a business starts picking up and new customers are around your business more often after a website re-do (or re-brand).

How about some numbers? These are some market research I’ve done for case studies for clients in 2018 and 2019:

  1. Local Restaurant (2019)
  2. eTherapist (2019)
  3. Large Manufacturing Company (2018)
restaurant website

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