How to Draft Copy for Your High-End Skincare Bran

In this post, we’ll go over examples of how to write copy for your high-end skincare brand with actual examples throughout. The Ultimate Guide to High-End Skincare: Unlock Timeless Radiance and Rejuvenation The opulent world of luxury skincare beckons those who are relentless in their quest for youthful luminosity and rejuvenation. In today’s high-end market, […]

Uncovering TRUE Visitor Data & Needs at Museums w/ Ethnographic Research

Mrs. Unglitch (Jacquelyn Tolksdorf) executed Ethnographic Research for The National Museum of the Great Lakes to help the museum redesign its galleries to meet the needs of different visitor personas. The research was framed to serve the museum’s larger goal to understand its audience better, including the types of visitors that come to the museum. […]

What Do You Do?

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Ah! The question, “What Do You Do?” always stops me in my tracks. I have to pick one? I’m a Creative Director.I’m a Brand Strategist.I’m a Graphic Designer.I’m a Web Developer.I’m a Marketer.I’m a Product Photographer.I’m a Copywriter.I’m also now a Corporate Anthropologist… Well, to be fair I’ve been a “Corporate Anthropologist” this whole time […]

I Want to Talk About My Sunday Riley Customer Journey

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First off, what is a customer journey… Customer journey maps clarify and develop important parts of just that…your customers’ journey. They allow you to stand in the shoes of your customers, enabling you to improve nearly every aspect of their experience. They provide you with the kind of overview to move customers down your sales […]

50 Online Tools Pro Business Owners Use

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Social Media Tools Later – Schedule Instagram posts and stories; as well as Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn posts. Also, utilize the tool to use links on Instagram. Motionbox is a video editing platform with a wide variety of tools that make it easier to create any type of visual content. It has a large library […]

What is Greenwashing in Packaging Design?

greenwashing in packaging design

Green•wash•ing /n. disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image. — The Oxford Dictionary In a new world where more people care about the environment than generations before we want to be a part of the solution as consumers. Not the problem. So we want to buy products that reduce […]

12 Things to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Manager

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Thinking about hiring a social media manager or agency? Congrats!! Outsourcing your social media to a professional is a big step in growing your business long-term.  There are SO many social media freelancers/agencies out there – so how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are some of my tips and questions […]