How to Draft Copy for Your High-End Skincare Bran

In this post, we’ll go over examples of how to write copy for your high-end skincare brand with actual examples throughout. The Ultimate Guide to High-End Skincare: Unlock Timeless Radiance and Rejuvenation The opulent world of luxury skincare beckons those who are relentless in their quest for youthful luminosity and rejuvenation. In today’s high-end market, […]

What Do You Do?

Alien unwrapping alien skin

Ah! The question, “What Do You Do?” always stops me in my tracks. I have to pick one? I’m a Creative Director.I’m a Brand Strategist.I’m a Graphic Designer.I’m a Web Developer.I’m a Marketer.I’m a Product Photographer.I’m a Copywriter.I’m also now a Corporate Anthropologist… Well, to be fair I’ve been a “Corporate Anthropologist” this whole time […]

Branding Mistakes Most Startups Make

punk graphic design

It’s impossible not to think about branding as a modern startup these days. With gorgeous visuals dominating our social media feeds; companies with impeccable designs are popping up all the time. And growing fast! Despite the amount of attention, so many new founders give their brand identities… I see some common branding mistakes that can […]

Is it time for your brand to evolve?

Burning Man

Refreshing an outdated brand can have enormous power. Which begs the question, when is the right time for you to change? There is always a variety of motivating factors from functional, such as adapting to new channels, to strategic, like building a brand that supports a social dialog. What’s more, today’s digital landscape demands you […]

I was aGraphic Design Efficiency Expert for an eCommerce brand a few years ago…

Cartoon eyes over famous people

I was aGraphic Design Efficiency Expert for an eCommerce brand a few years ago…Here’s what I found… Back in 2018, a catalog company that sold gift baskets, sweet treats like chocolates, nuts, meats and cheeses, and other gifts needed a design overhaul. I was hired as a freelancer to take over their seasonal catalog design. […]