How to Create Sales and Have a Rush of Orders in 24 Hours!

Are you a Restaurant owner?
Are you a boutique owner?
Do you own a spa?


During this pandemic which shall not be named, a good portion of small-business owners have had to pivot and think outside of the box they are usually in to hustle to stay afloat. Are you grabbing at straws to get sales in right now?

More of us are online right now and ya know what…willing to shop!
How do you target more of us to bring in sales!

Good Question!

The Answer: Give me something to buy anytime, any day… I might buy it if I really really need it… Give me something that I HAVE TO BUY NOW because it will not be available tomorrow. Try a FLASH SALE!

Let’s break it down for these 3 industries.

Are you a Restaurant owner?

Or bar that serves food!

How do you create a rush of support from your local community while giving them something unique to line up to buy from you?

Try a “flash sale” of something that is one your specialties. Is your establishment great at making pizzas? Don’t have a good website?
That’s fine. Facebook will be your friend here (along with other industries).

This post went viral within their small community during Covid-19, but your community is still willing to support you as we all get back on our feet and open up our doors as well. Yes, they did boost their post (which I don’t usually recommend (ask me why. I dare you!), but in this instance, it helped

First off, let people know that during those scary times your business struggled. You need your communities help still and because of this you’ve created a great deal (limited time offer)!

If you do pizzas, do pizza kits. If you’re a burger joint, do burger kits. Taco Kits!. Pasta Kits! Skies the limit if you have to-go containers on-site.

Make something that doesn’t force people to sit 6 feet apart awkwardly, but still enjoy your delicious food. The kit idea will also take some pressure off you to slow takeout orders down to keep them warm for customers.

This model of selling works because we as a species panic a bit when we’re on a time crunch and can’t resist something like this.

Take flash sales for boutiques…

Are you a boutique owner?

Have you been on Facebook lately? Stores that do not have an online shop are finding a way to really boost sales even before Covid.

Flash sales bring in excitement, eagerness to purchase now instead of waiting to back out of shopping online. Forget window shopping, they buy now! But if you haven’t seen these flash sales or don’t know how to execute one? Let me tell you how.

Say you are a floral boutique.

Give your Facebook followers a few hours heads up that you are hosting a flash sale on your page. Hop on a Facebook Live video or post pictures of say 10 house plants or floral arrangements with the price and some info. Tell them to comment “Sold 1” if they are the first to want it and then message them after the flash sale to take their CC# or arrange a pickup or delivery and take cash. Should more than one person want that 1 item, have them comment “Sold 2”, “Sold 3” and so-on in the comments of that photo so if a sale doesn’t go through or if the first person changes their mind you go onto the next interested buyer.

Plan accordingly for this. If you do this at Midnight on a Monday you’ll hear crickets. Do this between 2-4pm in your timezone or 7-8pm in your timezone when people aren’t at work, eating dinner, etc, and ONLINE!

Now keep in mind this really works well if you’ve already built up a following from your community to your Facebook page. If you haven’t start addressing some issues Facebook page. Are you posting engaging content? Are you making sure not to offend ANYONE online? Are you asking your clients for reviews or questions about your products? Are you reaching the right people? If you don’t know the best investment is a Social Media Manager. Even just for one month to lead by example and show you how much more a good Facebook page can really help your biz!

Psssst…I’ve added SMM to my services list! Ask me more!

Now don’t think I forgot about you spa owner!

Do you own a spa?

Say you don’t sell products at your spa. Only services. And right now, ain’t no-one really want to be touched too much so you are hurting for business!

I got you!

We all need a little pampering right now. No one is okay after this pandemic mentally. I don’t care what you say…

We need to de-stress. Start telling your Facebook followers just that!

But here’s is the tough part. You can’t do a flash sale and if you want to sell products online don’t just rush into that. The problem is when you need customers and sales now; It’s easy to make panic decisions.

Think of 1 service your offer.

Think of your price and cost margins and pick one service that during this time you can discount. I know what you’re thinking. I’m already not making money so why should I make less. During this time…less is better than nothing at all.

I have a client who does lash extensions for $200 a session usually. You sip your favorite beverage at her (sterile) studio, binge watch a few of your favorite tv shows together while she applies lashes to you! I’m not going to say her cost margins per client, but she was able to offer 10 sessions at 50% off.

Within a few days of posting this discount she got:
– 5 Long-time Clients to Schedule a Session
– 3 NEW Clients to Schedule (their first) Session
– Over 28 Messages from Never-Before-Seen Clients asking to know more

So her $0 that was coming in May turned into $800. And now in June, she has a bunch of bookings at her full-price!

I know things are tough right now! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me and I’d be happy to give my free advice!

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