• Ethnographic Research
  • Analyze how your current clients are filtering in
  • Discover current and ideal target market demos
  • Survey current customers
  • Review current social media metrics
  • Review site traffic metrics
  • Competitor Marketing Discovery Report
    *We take this info to craft all marketing strategies so if you are interested  in a marketing strategy, see those packages here.



We’ll find your top 3 performing competitors and collect the data for you to use on your own strategies to get the edge over them. Choose from 3 types of reports:
1. Marketing (SEO, Socials, Traffic, Content, Advertising)
2. Branding (Message, Tone, Logo, Target Markets, DEI)
3. Revenue (Last/Current revenue, Ad spend, Their customer locations)



You make better business decisions when you know the facts.

Data analytics provides the opportunity for companies and marketing teams to gain more insight to help make their business more relevant and establish themselves within saturated markets. Standing out is the biggest goal for your brand to attract your customers.

Instead of a more broad outreach, with analytics, you can leverage more precise information to target your brand strategies and the user experience.

The customer is the most crucial part of a marketing and brand strategy – you need to effectively engage and entice your potential customers with your product or service, so understanding their needs and how you can help is a high priority.