Cows, Cheese, and Creativity: The Quirky Life of a Central Wisconsin Business

Cows, Cheese, and Creativity: The Quirky Life of a Central Wisconsin Business Ah, Central Wisconsin. Where the amount of cheese curds made in a single day outnumber the population. If you ever imagined running a creative business here, it might have sounded as bizarre as a vegan bratwurst festival. But hey, guess what? It’s not […]

Master Your Magnetic Messaging: A Guide to Landing Sales with B2B Clients

In the dynamic world of B2B sales, effective communication is the linchpin that holds the entire process together. The art of crafting compelling and magnetic messages can make the difference between sealing the deal and fading into the background. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the strategies, techniques, and principles that will help […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Marketing… Yet…

Your Website Isn’t Ready to Convert Visitors Into Customers You should wait to outsource your marketing efforts if your website isn’t optimized for conversion. While improvements can, of course, always be made, it’s important to understand that channels like social media are only one piece of the conversion puzzle. Social media’s sole purpose is to […]

Uncovering TRUE Visitor Data & Needs at Museums w/ Ethnographic Research

Mrs. Unglitch (Jacquelyn Tolksdorf) executed Ethnographic Research for The National Museum of the Great Lakes to help the museum redesign its galleries to meet the needs of different visitor personas. The research was framed to serve the museum’s larger goal to understand its audience better, including the types of visitors that come to the museum. […]

How Much Does Missed Communication Cost You?

Missed Communication is the #1 reason you’re not making the money you want to as a service-based industry. According to AT&T, Americans text business landlines 150 million times a day…That’s 150 million missed opportunities for business all because you don’t list your cell phone or even worse…answer a text… Of those who used a cell […]

You Just Get Me!

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So there are so many boring parts of my job. Conducting market research. Collecting data analytics. Mapping out customer journeys. Strategizing the best and holistic ways for people to rocket their brand to stardom. But my true love in this business is creativity. The Unglitch went into a mini-re-brand this summer. Mainly because I, the […]

Branding Mistakes Most Startups Make

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It’s impossible not to think about branding as a modern startup these days. With gorgeous visuals dominating our social media feeds; companies with impeccable designs are popping up all the time. And growing fast! Despite the amount of attention, so many new founders give their brand identities… I see some common branding mistakes that can […]

I Want to Talk About My Sunday Riley Customer Journey

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First off, what is a customer journey… Customer journey maps clarify and develop important parts of just that…your customers’ journey. They allow you to stand in the shoes of your customers, enabling you to improve nearly every aspect of their experience. They provide you with the kind of overview to move customers down your sales […]

50 Online Tools Pro Business Owners Use

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Social Media Tools Later – Schedule Instagram posts and stories; as well as Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn posts. Also, utilize the tool to use links on Instagram. Motionbox is a video editing platform with a wide variety of tools that make it easier to create any type of visual content. It has a large library […]