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You Just Get Me!

So there are so many boring parts of my job. Conducting market research. Collecting data analytics. Mapping out customer journeys. Strategizing the best and holistic ways for people to rocket their brand to stardom. But my true love in this business ...


Politicians vs Designers

As I mentally prepare for the onslaught of political campaign ads I'll be forced to look at on streaming and social media soon - I think about a new wave of young politicians who are not particularly going the marketing route their relic predecessor ... (1)

Why the CIA Loves Me!

Wait...what?That's right! The CIA. loves graphic designers... And... they always have. Throughout the CIA’s 74-year history, the agency has used popular artists, graphic designers, and avant-garde culture to serve its aim and enact American “soft po ... (3)

What is Brutalist Web Design?

Raw content...true to its construction. But seriously! What the heck is a brutalist web design?Brutalism was coined from architecture. But in websites, it's often about giving visitors content to enjoy and ways to interact with you. The rules fo ... (4)

Why even bother hiring me!?

MY PALMS WERE SWEATING.  I COULD FEEL THE LUMP IN MY THROAT TIGHTEN AS MY FINGERS CLENCHED THE CORNERS OF MY BLOUSE.Keep it cool, Jacquelyn. I straightened my back with the clearing of my throat and eyed his profile as he was ...