Things are moving fast and your brand strategy needs to be tackled – then website, SEO, marketing, and so on! What are some things you should be thinking about to keep up with brands hiring professionals to stay in the running in your industry? Here is something to start you off…

Brand Voice

Let’s chat: brand voice! 💬 Brand voice is the personality a company conveys in various communications. It’s essential to building a brand and differentiating oneself from competitors. When you’re a small startup DIY’ing practically EVERYTHING, it can be totally normal to initially be hit with intimidation or straight-up panic when it comes to this. But trust me – don’t skip it.

What is it?

Straight to the point – what are you doing???

Who is it for?

You need to know all the demographic and psychographic details about their ideal customer. Period.

Why is it important?

What is the mission behind your brand too?

How is it portrayed?

Your social media content is only as clear as your branding. We ask clients to describe the look and feel of their brand both in terms of visuals and copy. This is where our creative team will look to really nail down their vision and tone of voice. By asking these questions from the start of your working relationship with a new client, you’ll gain complete clarity on what you’re speaking about, who you’re directing speech to, why they should listen, and how you should speak to them. This will not only help you nail their voice when crafting future copy but also when engaging on behalf of the brand (yep, we’re challenging you to dig deeper than just responding to comments with emojis!). That’s what we do – you should too!

As a white-glove, full-service digital marketing guru, I’ll work to understand your goals and provide seamless integration with other components of the consumer experience to ensure exponential growth.

Whoever said numbers and design don’t mix isn’t doing marketing right! Each big brand needs a highly-trained team with diverse specialties and credentials that are results-driven at their core. I create a holistic branding and digital strategy that is backed by data, supported by trends, and directly tied to your goals for 4 months then when you’ve hit your goal – I’ll find some sweet peeps to replace me and keep the momentum going. Want to know more?