CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) + Fractional (Not Full Time).

The Unglitch Inc is a Fractional CMO for 4+ Months at a time for brands to name, brand, design, develop, market, PR, and recruit their team. I take seeded/funded startups and provide everything you need to take over everything a CMO would do. I also set a strict 4-month schedule we abide by to set us up for success and alignment.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Fractional CMO

I’ve been helping C-level executives implement branding and marketing strategies since 2009. When your business is ready to launch, but you need someone to manage your marketing and create that growth, I’m your gal!

Fractional CMO pay rates may vary, but rather than worrying about the cost, weigh the value you’ll receive and whether you’ll save money. Let’s say you hire a fractional CMO for $200 per hour. If they work 15 hours a month, that works out to $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year. When you compare that to the salary of a CMO, which says starts around $160,000 on the low end, you’ll appreciate the term “fractional CMO.” But in my experience, you can get a lot of benefits from four months of dedicated time from an experienced marketing professional.

Synergy, baby!

Another benefit of a B2B or B2C Fractional CMO is it can lead to a more effective and coherent overall marketing strategy for businesses – especially during brand launch. Which is vital and when done wrong often sets brands back years.

A skilled fractional CMO will work closely with the organization to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that can continue to produce results long after their engagement ends. This may include implementing best practices and marketing tactics that the internal team can execute without the fractional CMO’s involvement down the line.

Don’t Start Messy

Without a Fractional CMO, some businesses may struggle to create a coherent marketing strategy with third-party providers. Others may hire a marketing agency, but things can still get chaotic without a qualified decision-maker at the helm. A fractional CMO can unify third-party vendors and hold the marketing strategy accountable. This expertise can lead to a more effective and coherent overall marketing strategy for businesses.

Fostering Professionals

Superior project management skills are critical for a fractional CMO to ensure that your marketing projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. This encompasses creating and executing project plans, tracking progress, managing budgets, and providing regular updates to all involved parties. At the end of your 4 months, I recruit the dogs that are going to be doing the barking for you and give them the tools I use to set them up to continue growing long after I’m gone. I tailor this to the brand’s budget for the rest of the year on hiring out.

Although we only work on a part-time basis, that doesn’t make them any less skilled or experienced than a full-time CMO. Fractional CMOs bring a fresh perspective, industry insight, and battle-tested marketing strategies to the fray, helping you increase brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, and revenue.

Furthermore, they can conserve resources by streamlining marketing operations, optimizing budgets, and measuring ROI. With a fractional CMO on board, you can establish a competitive edge and secure sustained growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Partner with The Unglitch today!