Raw content…true to its construction. But seriously! What the heck is a brutalist web design?

Brutalism was coined from architecture. But in websites, it’s often about giving visitors content to enjoy and ways to interact with you. The rules for Brutalism aren’t about being restrictive or producing boring, minimalist websites. Rather these are a set of priorities that put the visitor to your site—the entire reason your website exists—front and center in all things. And give the viewer a raw, wild ride!

This design reaches out to diverse cultures. Empowers a message. It “pops”.

Simple. Block-like. But hulking in power. See this list of more Brutalist websites from Webflow here.

Their initial visual hook at the opening of these brutalist web designs is so captivating that it gives us complete faith in the business, organization, or person’s skills as an inventive __________ business. It stands out. Its design is “basic” but it itself is not. It’s unique and in a world full of sheepish web design, we need something a little different…more often!

Why the Heck?

This Spring, I got stuck well…doing boring design. Accepting requests from clients to make real pieces of crap. I often fall into people-pleasing traps with clients like this from time to time. But it nearly broke me. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I emerged out of my corporate coma, I wanted to do more ‘crazy’ work. If you check out my Instagram or Facebook you can definitely see when my creative identity crisis shifted! But I’m more me and less “them” now and…that’s not bad! I want to create things that are wolves not prey!

And if you’re a business that wants to hop onto the 90’s-esque, grunge-band-loving, cigarette-smoking, acid trip with me I’d love to create your next website (preferably brutalist web design)!

Jacquelyn (Creative Viking at Unglitch.io)