Sure it helps that he is a funny, handsome, famous actor, but there is more that Ryan Reynolds has to offer besides his pretty face. If you didn’t know; aside from formerly owning Aviation Gin and currently owning Mint Mobile Ryan Reynolds also owns Maximum Effort; his own ad agency. He is the brain and the mouth behind some of the most successful ads for his brands and the brands he represents.

So what can you learn from this marketing guru?

Add Humor To Your Content…Obviously

Here’s the thing… Most business owners take themselves waaaaaay too seriously sometimes. The audience you are trying to attract doesn’t know you yet. Why are you boring them from the jump? Many marketers are so busy churning out marketing campaigns today that they forget to add a bit of humor in them. Ya know…a thing that all living beings enjoy!

Reynolds brings his natural comic sense to his campaigns, of course. Check out the recent video he did to help promote his new movie Red Notice where Reynolds plays an art thief stealing an ancient Egyptian artifact and in a meta act, brings his steal to…The Antique Road Show.

The video is even funnier if you’ve already seen the movie.

He Thinks Like His Customers

To become a successful marketer, you should think like your customer first. This is why hiring out for your marketing can be beneficial because sometimes it’s too hard for a business owner to think of their customer if they can’t picture a person unlike themselves. This is assuming your product or service indeed solves a problem or meets the customer’s needs, of course. Reynolds says that his reputation alone would not be sufficient to market Aviation Gin. Sure, it would help market the drink the first time. But the drink should be good enough to sell itself afterward.

He’s Quick + Gives His Marketing Specialists Room to…well MOVE!

Of course, that comedic timing is helpful in other creative avenues as well! Reynolds’ company is known to be quick in using the current trends to promote its brands. For example, Reynolds cleverly used the controversial Peloton bike ad in 2019 to promote his brand. While Peloton was busy controlling damage caused by its ad, Reynolds created a brilliant spoof using the same lead model, Monica Ruiz, within 75 hours, making it one of the best ads in 2019.

As he claims, “I can turn something around in 36 hours that another company would take weeks to figure out.” Reynolds attributes this quick turnaround to the minimal corporate structure and hierarchy his company has. Reynolds’ office is small and has a few marketers. The company further has an informal culture. This lack of a corporate ladder and bureaucracy removes the need for going back and forth for approvals. It gives his marketers the much-needed freedom to work on ideas and execute campaigns within a short duration.


In times when customer trust in brands is declining fast, being authentic in your messaging goes a long way in building that trust back up. Most marketing and advertising campaigns today create hype around a product or service.

However, people have developed dislikes for products and brands with hype; they expect a brand to provide genuine information about the product or service AND BE ya know…HUMAN! They want to buy from brands they can relate to and feel comfortable with.

These are a few key points brands and marketers can adopt while promoting their own things.

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