So as I sit here coming up with the monthly content calendar for blog posts…I’m just dazing off into the distance because I have….dun dun dun…writer’s block…

Most of us write and create blog posts to flaunt our creativity or knowledge and get praised, right? So what happens when we encounter writer’s block for the creative content we want our readers to enjoy? How do we overcome writer’s block?

1. Free Write

Randomly start scribbling whatever comes to your mind on the paper, it would help you to overcome your fear and insecurities and would surely unlock your inner creativity in the process.

2. Skip the introduction

Just start writing the main part of your blog, and leave the rest for the last cause writing the body is easier than writing the introduction for your blog posts.

3. Do something full of adrenaline or…take a shower

Run, exercise, swim, play football or basketball, walk in a park, or anything cause it is scientifically proven that the exercise requiring adrenaline which proves to be the best for your mental as well as physical health will encourage your creative thinking. Funny enough, my best ideas for blog posts always come when I’m in the shower. I have a dry-erase board in the bathroom within reach for this reason!

4. Read the comments of your previous blog posts

If you are already a published blogger, just go through the comments of your previous blogs where your admirers praised you and get back your confidence to create something impressive in your current blog. If commentators left questions answer them in the next blog post. Find what works for you from the above and stick to it.

5. Listen to Music

I find my inner calmness in listening to music and I guess concentrating on my favorite music or band, helps me to get back on the writing track.

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